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Yes No Boss. You read that right, Boss. Just peers. Cheers!


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Even better than the founders-next-door.

Coz, well, there are no doors. Or cabins.
Work directly with the founders.

It’s almost an interstellar experience.

1 year in 1P is almost equal to 3 years in just
another company #NolanFansRepresent

Dart apps to Fart apps.
Who’s changing the world?

Come build something that'll make a difference, with us.


Vibe with your tribe.

Work with a community of passionate and driven folks that you vibe with.

You might end up paying property tax.

Coz you'll own what you build. Get a
real sense of ownership of your work.

Don’t go all - Begaani shaadi
mein Abdullah Deewana

Get opportunities to build things
, and not just maintain
someone else's work.


Last, but never the least...


go through the drill.
don't just slog and pay the bill.
are building the future, and soon we will.