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Within minutes.

Get your daily essentials from
the store next door, in no time.

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Unbelievably fast <br />delivery

Unbelievably fast

Get it in 20 mins.

From the nextdoor <br />local store

From the nextdoor
local store

Count on your favorite
neighborhood store, like they do

Daily essentials <br />and discounts

Daily essentials
and discounts

Crocin to complan,
get best deals. Get them fast.

Totally Transparent <br />Deliveries

Totally Transparent

Saamaan ke saath
bharosa free.

Delivering locally.
As quick as within 20 mins.

Convenience at your fingertips.. All the pharmacies & stores around you are now available on on 1P.

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Shetty Anna ki pharmacy. Or. Kulkarni’s Kirana. Know where your products come from.

Track it, while it reaches you. No surprises. No suspense.

Even if it takes us just 20 minutes to deliver, we’ve built a process where you can see every step. So, you know exactly how fast we are reaching you. That’s how transparent we are. Cause we believe minute counts.
Every delivery is special.

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For Store Owners

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Get Better Rates

Get Better Rates

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Get New Sales Tools

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Expand Your Catalog

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Become a Supermarket

Become a Supermarket

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